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Club-HistoryThe history of the Belconnen Magpies Football Club is one that has travelled along many different paths, at times under the one banner, and at other times simultaneously under separate banners. The various clubs in the past, that have been the Belconnen Magpies Football Club have all added there own dimension to our now great football club, and contributed to the character and spirit now experienced by our club’s current players, coaches, training staff, and supporters.

The Belconnen Football Club and The West Canberra Football Club amalgamated in the late 80’s early 90’s to create the now stronger than ever, Belconnen Mapies Football Club. Both of these clubs possessed their own unique culture, history and also their own origins.

This page hopes to provide a small glimpse of the two club’s past and how they came to be one. While the information on this page focuses mainly on the history of the clubs playing strip, it provides small insights into major events for both clubs along the way that brought the two clubs together to form The Belconnen Magpies Football Club.

The Belconnen Football Club

The Belconnen Football Club adopted the navy blue jumper and white monogram when it entered the competition in 1971. These colours were chosen to align with the colours used by the Turner Football Club. The different design was to reflect the move to the Belconnen district, a new area, new clubhouse and new future.

Slight modifications were made to the monogram over the years and the navy blue graced the Canberra footy fields until 1986. During that time the club was based in its own licensed premises effectively known as the “Shed” at Jamison.In 1987 Belconnen Amalgamated with The West Canberra Football Club. They became known as the Belconnen Magpies, and played in the black and white stripes, alternating between the “Shed” and West Canberra’s licensed premises in Kippax as their home.

Belconnen reverted back to it’s navy blue and white colours in 1988 when the amalgamation dissolved and continued to sport these colours until 1990. “The Shed” remained as the Club’s base until it was sold in 1989. The club was then based at the Western Districts Rugby club in 1990.

19991 Belconnen Affiliated with the West Canberra Football Club and adopted that club as its home. The famous black and white jumpers were again used until 1998 when the current black, white and teal was adopted. The team was again known as the Belconnen Magpies and still is.

The West Canberra Football Club

The West Canberra Football Club entered the competition in 1974. In Keeping with the famous Magpie tradition the club adopted the famous black & white stripes that were previously worn by the Acton Football Club.In the early years the club did not have a permanent home, however that problem was rectified when stage one of the current clubhouse was completed in 1978.In 1987 West Canberra amalgamated with the Belconnen Football Club.

They became known as the Belconnen Magpies, they continued to sport the black and white stripes and alternated between the current clubhouse and Belconnen’s clubhouse in Jamison. The amalgamation dissolved in 1987 and the black and white colours were not seen in the ACTAFL competition until 1991 when the Belconnen Football Club affiliated with the West Canberra Football Club, moved it’s operations to Kippax and the Belconnen Magpies were reborn. The black and white colours remained in use until 1998 when the current black, white, and teal strip was adopted.

From 1988 to 1990 West Canberra fielded teams in the Monaro competition using the black, and white colours. West Canberra juniors have sported the black and white stripes since 1974 and still do.


Sports-CLubMagpies Sports Club

Magpies Sports Club is located at 76 Hardwick Crescent, Holt ACT and is the major sponsor of BMFC. The club has fantastic facilities including a Bistro, TAB, two huge TV screens, poker machines plus heaps more. Visit our Club Website to see all upcoming social events.

Training Facilities

BMFC train at The Nest (Kippax Oval) all year round. The players get to enjoy big changing rooms, rehab room and a fantastic oval. The club also has its own gym which is available for players to use all year free of charge.




The Nest – Our Home Ground

Since 2001 the BMFC have played senior, reserves and U18 home games at Canberra’s enduring home of Cricket and Australian Rules Football, Manuka Oval. As Canberra’s premier sporting complex we have been blessed with first class facilities for players and spectators. We continued to play home games at Manuka Oval until the end 2012.

From 2013 onwards all grades will play home games at the newly redeveloped Kippax oval which is nicknamed “The Nest”. The ACT government invested 2 million dollars to the upgrade which included new turf, new seating and a new pavilion/function room.

The Football club raised a further 150,000 dollars which got us new coaches boxes and a brand new rehab room for the players. The venue is a state of the art complex which will help grow football in the Belconnen region for many years to come and one the club is very proud of.


Scott Reid – President

Jo Foster – Vice President

Terri Jamieson – Secretary

Rob Lamb – Treasurer

Daniel Posch – Director

Emma Hampton – Director

Glenn O’Sullivan – Director

Ryan Bradley – Director

Amber Allen – Director

Phillip Batten – Director